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New York State Health Department research scientist Michael Kitto, PhD, says only a small fraction of the granite samples he has tested have emitted radon at levels that were over those considered

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Radon Exposures in a Granite Quarry • According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) all active granite quarries in the U.S. are considered to be surface mines and therefore are naturally ventilated. MSHA reported that there were only 330 workers in dimension granite quarries.


The mining personnel are provided with personal protective equipment such as respirators, ear-muffs, safety goggles, gumboots, safety helmet etc for protection against injuries and harmful exposures. Many engineering control measures have been adopted to reduce the noise levels of different heavy machinery in use in underground.

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Granite Quartz (crystalline silica) None 14808-60-7 100 >1 4. First-aid measures Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. Dust in throat and nasal passages should clear spontaneously. Contact a physician if irritation persists or if breathing is difficult. Eyes:

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Ensure compliance with safety and health standards. Make sure you're complying in every detail with every standard that applies to your operations and your workplace. Also check state regulations, which if they're stricter than federal standards, take precedence. And don't forget about your own safety policies. Ensure compliance with those

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Dec 08,  · In a mining site, workplace hazards are serious and often fatal. This is why mining site safety officers and miners need all the help they can get when it comes to establishing safety at the worksite. iAuditor streamlines mining site safety inspections with a number of useful features: A safety inspection app that works anywhere, even while offline

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The aim of this section is to provide an overview of the health, safety and environmental responsibilities to each position at Cherrabah Granite Mine. It is proposed that nominally, up to 7 personnel will be working on site at any time. These may include the SSE, site

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Changing mining conditions, such as increasing mine depths, new mining ventures (e.g., uranium, oil shales), the handling of mine wastes, new fuels or mobile equipment (such as biofuels and fuel cells), the use of satellite information and its applications, and the increased size of mining equipment and electrical voltages, could result in

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Apr 29, · World Mining Frontiers writer Andrew Tunnicliffe discusses how this research can improve communication and ultimately save lives with Dr Emily Haas, senior research behavioural scientist in the Pittsburgh Mining Research Division at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

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Jan 10,  · Overloaded storage racks can be a major safety hazard. When the storage racks are filled with heavy material such as granite and marble, the risks become even greater. Workers have been injured and even killed attempting to load and unload granite and marble slabs from storage racks, according to the Washington Department of Labor and Industries.

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Mine safety is a broad term referring to the practice of controlling and managing a wide range of hazards associated with the life cycle of mining-related activities.Mine safety practice involves the implementation of recognised hazard controls and/or reduction of risks associated with mining activities to legally, socially and morally acceptable levels.

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Takeaway: Mining is a risky business, but monitoring the right information can make it safer. When you want to track and analyze the safety of a mining company, where do you start? The first thing that probably comes to mind is how many incidents occurred in the last year. But the problem with looking at these kinds of stats is that they only measure the harm, loss, or damage that has already

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Feb 27, · Defining Safety Hazards & Risks in Mining Industry: A Case-Study in United States Early findings support an alternative form of behavioural measure that draws upon a combination of self-report

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May 21,  · Company-Wide Safety Measures Even if your projects are not in jurisdictions with mandatory requirements or guidelines, it would be a mistake not to establish COVID-19 safety measures on your construction projects, if you have not already. Some of the basic COVID-19-related safety measures are seen repeated across federal, state and local

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The Mine Safety and Health Administration was developed to protect miners' safety and health. Visit their website for more information about your health, safety, and rights as a miner. The New York State Occupational Health Clinic Network is a group of clinics, which specialize in


Radon Exposures in a Granite Quarry • According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) all active granite quarries in the U.S. are considered to be surface mines and therefore are naturally ventilated. MSHA reported that there were only 330 workers in dimension granite quarries.

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